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Our diverse portfolio of clients includes ultra-luxury and upper-upscale resorts, independent and select-service hotels, and luxury and upscale all-inclusive hotels. We specialize in highly volatile and ever-changing markets, leveraging our expertise to help our clients achieve their desired outcomes in any environment.

We take a comprehensive approach to asset management, acting as an extension of our clients by managing all verticals and phases of communication with all parties involved in the success and achievement of our clients’ asset goals. This includes everything from overseeing operations and developing strategic plans to negotiating with vendors and analyzing market trends.

In short, our DNA is rooted in a deep commitment to delivering personalized, results-driven asset management services that maximize shareholder value and position our clients for long-term success.

GFG Real Estate Asset Management is a premier boutique asset management company that is deeply committed to delivering exceptional, bespoke services that cater to each client’s unique needs. Our DNA emphasizes this focus on personalized service, which enables us to tailor our hotel and resort services to maximize shareholder value.

Headquartered in Brickell, Miami, with satellite offices in Mexico, our team of highly energetic and dynamic hospitality experts brings a wealth of industry experience to the table. We have a proven track record of delivering results for our clients, thanks to our ability to anticipate trends, seize opportunities, and navigate challenges with confidence and skill.

About Us

We understand your perspective

In today’s fast-paced hospitality industry, with demand and supply levels at historic and frantic new heights, it can be challenging to decide who to trust with your investment. With so many well-known, not-so-well-known, and new up-and-coming business models, it’s crucial to make the right decisions in this new reality, which is vastly different from pre-pandemic times.

Industry trends and client behavior are continually evolving, and choosing the right product, location, and time is just the beginning. Choosing the right business model and the people behind it is now the key to success.

Our experience on

"the other side of the table"

At GFG Real Estate Asset Management, we take pride in providing comprehensive solutions and a hands-on approach that allows us to offer unparalleled services to our clients. Our team’s firsthand experience as former operators and managers in the hospitality industry provides us with a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that come with managing hotels. Our experience on “the other side of the table” also enables us to communicate effectively with operators, providing our clients with the best possible outcomes.

Winning Team

Stellar team of professionals

Our team possess a wealth of experience gained from working with and advising top-tier hospitality brands.

The GFG Real Estate Asset Management team consists of skilled professionals with extensive expertise gained from working for and advising leading global hospitality brands such as Marriott, Hilton, Intercontinental, and Hyatt, among others. With wide-ranging experience in dealing with diverse stakeholders and locations worldwide, our team is committed to delivering significant value to each project and asset we handle. Our approach involves leveraging cutting-edge data aggregators to derive actionable insights, proactively tackle challenges, and boost the overall value of our clients’ hospitality assets.

Where we at today

A message from the Co-Founders and CEOs, Eduardo Gruener and Mauricio Gruener

At GFG Real Estate Asset Management, we are the ultimate specialists in hotel asset management. Our team consists of highly experienced professionals with firsthand experience as former operators and managers. With this wealth of expertise, we are uniquely equipped to provide innovative solutions that exceed conventional approaches. Our unwavering commitment to understanding the ever-evolving needs of our clients in the hospitality industry and anticipating future trends sets us apart from the competition.

Our philosophy is based on the belief that true success in hotel asset management requires a fresh perspective and a unique approach. This conviction inspired the creation of our company, and we have since brought together a talented and diverse team of professionals who consistently strive for excellence and exceed expectations.

As the hospitality industry continues to transform, we are acutely aware of the impact of new technologies, brands, and customer connections. Our dedicated team is always ready to embrace these changes and positively impact the future of hotel asset management for our clients, owners, and investors.

We remain unwavering in our founding principle of creating exceptional value for those we serve. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve our clients, owners, and investors in hotel asset management, and we thank them for their unwavering trust and support.

well-defined purpose

A Fundamental Vision and Mission


Our vision is to be the leading and go-to asset management company in the hospitality industry.


Our mission is to design and deliver unique and exceptional tailor-made hotel and resort asset management services with the goal of maximizing shareholder value.

Key Facts

We have earned the trust of numerous top real estate investors in managing a diverse range of hospitality brands and independent hotels across the United States, The Caribbean, and Latin America, including some of the most luxurious hotels worldwide.
As individuals who have previously held positions as operators and managers, we are equipped with the knowledge and insight to deliver innovative solutions that not only maximize cash flow, but also ensure sustainable performance.
We have a distinct advantage in the industry with our proprietary automated decision-making tools and technology, enabling us to streamline processes, minimize errors, and deliver exceptional results to our clients.

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