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Luxury resort


E.g. Global leader in luxury hospitality with expertise in real estate sectors across 220+ markets manages 768k+ units valued at more than $221B.


E.g. A longtime client of another management firm,the Luxury Hospitality decided to consolidate data for all of its global lines of business onto the platform to improve information sharing.


E.g. The Luxury Hospitality accelerated digital transformation, increased collaboration, and consolidated its global data on a single, scalable platform.

Customer Overview

E.g. Our client, a luxury resort located in a high-end destination, was seeking to differentiate itself from other premium properties in the area and elevate the guest experience to new heights.

Our luxury resort in a high-end destination recently made a successful transition to an independently managed model, thanks to our proactive approach and commitment to excellence. By conducting an in-depth assessment of our market position, we identified key opportunities to improve our profitability and performance, and we took swift action to implement a comprehensive plan. 


With our 360-degree approach, we revamped all business platforms and placed the right talent behind the right technology to ensure optimal results. By prioritizing business intelligence and conversion effectiveness, we were able to achieve outstanding results that exceeded our expectations.

GFG AM's operational focus and expertise helped us turn around our hotel and create value that we couldn't have achieved independently.

— Head of Marketing, Luxury Resort


Today, we’re proud to report that we continue to work closely with our owners and property team, and our profitability margins have soared from 30% to over 50%. Our flow-through rates have also improved by over 60%, and our RevPAR penetration levels have risen by a remarkable 110%. These impressive results are largely due to our successful ADR improvement, which has enabled us to attract higher-paying guests while still maintaining positive volume levels.

Our success story is a testament to the power of a proactive and strategic approach to business management. By identifying opportunities and taking decisive action, we were able to achieve outstanding results and position ourselves as a leader in a highly competitive market.

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