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Juan M. Jimenez

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

— Juan M. Jimenez​

Juan Manuel Jimenez Huerta is the Jr. Accountant at GFG Real Estate Asset Management, LLC, where he manages A/R, A/P, Financial Reporting, and Bookkeeping.

He also processes and calculates management fees for the Investment Advisor division and handles other accounting department activities.

Juan Manuel gained extensive financial services industry experience before joining GFG Real Estate Asset Management, LLC in 2022. He started as an Office Assistant at AEB Construction in 2018, where he worked on A/P, Data Entry, and other accounting tasks. He then moved to Adonel Concrete as an A/P Coordinator, later working in the Billing Department and Collection. He eventually became part of the Accounting Staff and oversaw monthly financial statements for the larger plant of the company. In this capacity, he served as a bank reconciliation and inventory transactions supervisor, ensuring the accuracy and completeness of financial records.

With more than three years of financial services industry experience, Juan Manuel brings extensive accounting expertise and skills to the GFG Real Estate Asset Management team.

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