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Integral Asset Management Solutions For Hotel Property Owners.

GFG Real Estate Asset Management is a premier boutique asset management company that is deeply committed to delivering exceptional, bespoke services that cater to each client’s unique needs. The team of experts at GFG Real Estate Asset Management works closely with our clients to develop and implement effective systems and processes that ensure sustainable results. Through our collaborative approach, we help businesses achieve their goals while elevating the value of their investments.

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Progressive and Tailored Strategies

Enabling Our Clients

Maximize Revenue
Optimize Profitability
Achieve Operational Excellence
Enhance Investments
Ensure Compliance
Elevate Relations
Focusing on competitive & profitable strategies
Forecasting budget projections
Elevating guest experiences
Elevating the asset value
Legal support and compliance
Focusing on client benefits

Established businesss relationships

Working With Leading Hospitality Brands

GFG Real Estate Asset Management benefits from strong relationships with global hospitality operators. Our experience spans across many leading hospitality brands allowing us to bring a wealth of knowledge to the table.

Case Studies

Revisiting and Unlocking The Hotel's Potential.

Delve into the process of devising a fresh business strategy and implementing operational enhancements aimed at enhancing the financial results of XX hotel.

Case Study

As former managers and operators, we assist leading hospitality brands in achieving and sustaining higher levels of improvement.

GFG Real Estate Asset Management is supported by a team of experienced professionals who have worked with and consulted for top-tier global hospitality brands. Our broad expertise covers diverse locations and geographies, enabling us to collaborate effectively with owners, operators, and investors to achieve outstanding outcomes.
Our distinctive abilities enable us to enhance the long-term viability and yield above-average returns on our hotel properties.
Miguel Martinez — Head of Asset Management
We have earned an outstanding reputation for our ability to identify unique opportunities and create custom solutions for our clients with wisdom.
Mauricio Gruener — President, Co-CEO
We approach our hotels with the same level of care and attention as if they were our own.
Eduardo Gruener — President, Co-CEO
Our goal is to become the preferred partner for providing strategic hospitality advice.
Leon Perez — Partner

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Our asset management and advisory teams have demonstrated expertise in the hospitality industry, having had successful careers in hotel strategy and operations with major global operators and brands.

— Miguel Martinez
Head of Asset Management

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Please tell us about your asset management needs. We possess a wealth of expertise in managing hotels of all types, across a wide range of global markets.

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